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About us

The Union of local Youth Councils in Finland is an expert organization in youth participation that promotes opportunities for young people to influence and act in society. We work for young people by promoting the interests of young people in decision-making and training young influencers. Our most important value is the ability of young people to act and influence society. That is why our organization is led by a federal board made up of young members.

Our mission is to be the guardian of the interests of all young people in Finland and to represent youth councilors and socially active young people in decision-making.

The Union of Local Youth Councils in Finland is the only national guardian of youth councils. Youth Councils are statutory in Finland in every municipality and wellbeing services county.

Our vision is a society where youth councils are an established part of the Finnish field of influence. In every municipality and region, youth councils have real influence in preparation, decision-making and monitoring. These means include, among other things, the right to speak and be present in institutions.